Saturday, October 1, 2011


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Sunday, October 24, 2010
hi peeps. im in a good mood today! i'll blog about everything since sept ONE SHOT! haha.

i think my last post was on 15th Aug. So i think i'll update every single shit since that day.. according to the sequence of pics in my NEW IPHONE 4. hahaha

so that goes the first update. i bought an iphone 4!

Teachers' day gifts from my tuition kid n students. apparently my name is quite difficult to spell to some of them -.-

teachers' day dinner at traders hotel. and i won the lucky draw 11th prize! first time i ever won a lucky draw in my life hahaha!

CIP with my class. cheerleaders n motivators for the yellow ribbon run 2010! it was raining the whole morning. poor kids cheered in poncho! haha

Rayne's 21st bday!

SA Alumni dinner! YOG teachers were invited to the dinner and the food was really good! very yummy abalone soup and alot of other good food! broadway beng was the emcee. and strangely.. FOYCE LE XUAN was there with SAA chairman Mr Woffles Wu. mmm... had a hard time trying to take this pic of foyce. haha my colleague had to pretend she was taking a pic of me but actually she zoooooomed in to take foyce at the table behind. haha!

and after the SAA dinner. it was the beginning of my CORPUS LUTEUM CYST NIGHTMARE! at first thought it was food poisoning. went dr kwan twice cost me $100++++ damn dulan. went back to work when i THOUGHT i recovered. then i went to universal studios despite the pain on dunno which day i forgot! because i didnt want to waste the free tickets! it was damn gooooooooooooooood! bumped into weiyu there. haha!

and then........... i was hospitalised because of the stupid cyst. feel so bad for my students sigh. really bad time to fall sick!

credits to noh for the pics. and thanks again noh for coming to acc me with elmo balloon and ribena! thanks ty for rushing down after work and even when im in A&E and thanks wen for the lovely sms-es from abroad! big sis for accompanying me everyday and ong for staying till late to help me with admission procedures. feel so loved by all of u. =) the pic with me eating is really funny! hahahahahaha.
my 2 days in ttsh was really horrible. on drip all the time and wasnt allowed to eat. really sucks! the nurses were really kind though.. :) i will nv forget this horrible cyst! the last pic was a happy me upon hearing good news frm doctor before being discharged!

and then it was a bday surprise frm noh and ty who brought cake to my house at 12midnight on the day i was discharged from hospital. very touched! =) but i cant seem to find the pic. =( someone upload pls? =(

and hippers had a belated bday celebration for me! with a lovely gift :) v.happy thanks! =D

and i had alot alot of good food after being discharged. hahaha. lost 2kg but i think by today put on dunno how many kgs alr. haha. let the pictures speak. =)

ok tired alr. till i blog again!


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Monday, October 4, 2010
Is it true that every couple will definitely experience a 'down period' after being tgt for sometime?

Everything will be back like before soon right? Or am I being in self denial again? Lol

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Sunday, October 3, 2010


we went vivocity to celebrate w ALL E HIPPERS turningupp n had belated bday dinner! thanks alot to DAVE (jiahuat my npcc bigshot Sir hee) n gav 50% at Marche n had awesome but damn ex dessert hahah. suppose to go mushroompot but pris is still recoveringg.. we shall go soooon yea???

thou is jus a very simple dinner but hope u enjoyed!

recently health has been taking a toll on us.. pls let us be well n fit again.. jus like e youthful days that we simply hav no worries


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Friday, August 27, 2010

went on xinmsn n clicked on e worlds expensive tastes...
yubari melons tat cost S$7,850???!!!! i didnt know my fav can be so expensive!

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Monday, August 16, 2010
UPDATESS w hippers:)

yeshyesh we finally get to indulge in our long awaited SPICY BAFFALLO wings:)
BUT it wasnt from SUNSET GRILL arghh e first time we went we lost our wayy there n when we finally found e place there was a freaking long queue which hav to wait like 2hr plus to get our food served so we left e place n went hav IVINS.. haha so not fatedd is when we set on 10aug to go which is on tuess n hipper-h was jus laughing abt it might be closed today at my hse n so we checked online indeed they dun open on tues!

n w much much disappointment we cracked our head on where to hav our dinner instead.. hipper-p found another CHIXwings place on hungrygowhere. so we set off to jalankayu JERRYS CAFE. food was good thou e BAFALLO wings can be more spicy.. CAN WE GO SUNSET GRILL SOMEDAY AGAIN HIPPERS??? :)

recently been having sad dreams.. cant recall much when i wake up but jus feel down.. not feeling tat well maybe like ppl always say dreams reflect on how u feel n think in day ohwells

(time to chill at hipper-h place somedayy n visit her mellow sooon)

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Sunday, August 15, 2010
Was feeling really moody and down on a friday afternoon after work. met ong and talked to him about the same old problems, not our problem, but MY problems. he actually booked a place to have our anni dinner but i was feeling too down to go anywhere and told him to cancel it. didnt really feel like going anywhere that day but he insisted we go out for a walk. in the end we settled for Barossa@esplanade for some very yummy pasta and fish n chips.

after the dinner we heard v.loud music at the open area stage at esplanade and went to join the crowd. it was the first day of Yfest and there were dance performances by diff dance groups. the first one was quite good and i thought one of the lead dancers looked like Rozana, my FACT software RO. haha. true enough i msg-ed her on fb and it was really her. haha. looked like a totally diff person on stage. cool man. sometimes i feel like having a REAL hobby, but i think im too nua. lol.

one performance of the night that really inspired me was the hip hop dance by a group of hearing-impaired. the emcee taught the crowd to welcome them using hand language and not by cheering or clapping. the performance was really damn good. feel so lousy for complaining about life everyday when these ppl are living their lives to the fullest! shall complain less and be contented with life, and do everything i want, live with no regrets, live life to the fullest. :) do check out their website if you're interested. http://redeafination.wordpress.com/blog/

feel so ashamed of myself for being grumpy all the time at that moment when i saw those ppl enjoying so much on stage!

an emo weekend passed and it's monday tmr. looking forward to the challenges ahead! i shall stay positive and be thankful for everything i have. :)


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Thursday, August 12, 2010


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Sunday, July 18, 2010
hi hippers,

wanna go eat this? http://www.mushroompot.com/contact.php

looks damn good!


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Hi everyone!

it was our 2nd anni ytd. went to work and ong came to pick me home to take a short nap before going out for dinner at dempsey! 2nd time we're there. first time was on his bday we went to ps cafe, the food was not too bad. this time round we went to the wine company, used to be highwood's competitor. had some finger food and wine LOL. abit trying too hard, but well.. good place to chill! den we went to B&J for some very yummy brownie with ice cream... hippers, let's go dempsey tgt on 23rd july k!!! =D

v.happy got my bonus (though it's pro-rated), decided to get something for ong since it was soooooooo long since i bought something proper for him. got the versace perfume gift set from century square bhg after my interview at Future Electronics! the following weekend i saw the same perfume selling at pink beauty for $20+ cheaper!!!!!!! damn dulan. or mayb i should just comfort myself by thinking that mayb the one at pink beauty is diluted! and also i got some ladies perfume freebies from the sale guy. so.. give n take la. i really like the moschino fragrance! really sweet and he gae me 2 mini bottles plus some body lotion! so happy =) this weekend will be bringing dad n mum for korean bbq dinner at taka crystal jade since dad has been craving to try korean bbq.. and there goes all my bonus.. lol but nvm la. they happy can already! =D

speaking of the interview, one fine day, i was randomly sending out my resume for marketing and banking jobs since i cant go to nie this intake. to my surprise, this company Future Electronics called me up for interview! went to check out the job details and realise it's totally not related to what ive studied or worked before. and when i was there for the interview, the HR personnel was my sec sch senior MINGZHU! she got new name called sharon i dunno lor. haha. what a small world, it's like fated or what.. mmm... passed the HR round and will be going for the 2nd interview next week! wish me luck man. i really hope i can get the job but yet i cant bear to leave my students.. still thinking really hard!!!!!!! anw, out of the 4 or 5 jobs ive sent my resume to, only this one replied. i seriously think she wouldnt have called me if she didnt know me personally! but it also feels like something is telling me it's really fated!!!!!!

it's so difficult to choose a CORRECT path. what exactly is the CORRECT path?


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Monday, June 28, 2010
ohh is early in e morning 7am now.. woke upp at 530am feeling so hungry n swallowed down a polarr sugar roll :)simplyy nice im surprised! had apple, chunkypeanut bread n currently my second fav fruit- GOLDEN KIWI. omg is god damn nice i can eat up to five aday sucha greedy pigg.

well recently lotas things happened. n makes me think alot too. my heart aches alot for jas. thou she seems strong from e outside when i last seen her.. i know how painful n torturing it hav beenn for her n her family... i couldnt stop my tears tat night whenever i looked at her. life must be very difficult for her n her family right now.. busy coping n adjusting. bbf, i hope to see u accepting n moving on somedayy. im stuck w keep asking u out or leaving u personal space.. i jus wan to let u know ill always be here for u for life. we hav gone thru lots of ups n downs tis 13years.. n i wan u to know we will nv stop supporting each other.. jiayou!

looking at how tough it is for people around me makes me cherish of wat i hav now.. i will nv forget how devastating it was tat i could nearly lost my dad last yr n how harsh life was for us. n thou hes still on recovering stage n alot of stuffs still gg on.. im very very thankful as we hav each other n holding on together. going thru all these, looking at my friends loss, hearing wat my colleague told me abt her fren, seeing a pax tat struggling makes me learn not to take health, happiness n all e little joy in life for granted. jus like even looking up e clear blue sky in e early morning while on my way home makes me feel sudden pleased n contented for a moment as i guess i was enjoying tat smooth bus ride which kept my mind off busy reflecting..

how much we always complain abt feeling angry easily sad over small things well it actu so insignificant n silly.. life is fragile we should learn to cherish of wat we hav n do wats tat make us happy.. .life is so unpredictable n we should treasure each other n appreciate every moment of tat little joy in life tat adds up which makes a beautiful day for us :)

i know every human beings will nv be contented but lets learn to appreciate and not take our simplicity for granted.

alrighty gg back to slp


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010
hello world!

long time since i last blogged. hippers, do blog often! =D

2 more sleeps to Brisbane! =D feeling very excited! but it's a pity that the trip is gonna be so short! =( really looking forward to the cold cold cold weather, the theme park(s) and Byron Bay! also hope that uncle will have a mini BBQ before we leave.. BBQ-ing in the cold. omg! i cant wait! first time taking emirates. i heard from wen that it's reeeaallly good! looking forward to my flight too ;)

life's been good so far! =) i know i've been ranting and complaining to everyone around me about the smallest things but actually overall, i'm quite satisfied with my life right now. loving my work and workload, loving the working hours and loving the FOOD!!!! malay stall damn good! haha. but of course there r down sides..... but i still can manage! =D really really hope i can squeeze into this year's intake. but rumours around saying that this year's intake for JC programme is full! i really really hope that i wont have to wait for one whole year... =( fingers crossed..

i think im all prepared for my trip! thanks to hipper-x for lending me her winter clothes and the sling bag. haha. treat u big meal next time when i strike it rich! tmr going to amk central to trim eyebrow (so that i'll look good in pics hehe), and to have kfc lunch! also need to get a bday card for uncle mike. went to chinatown the other day to get 2 sets of toddler clothes (cheongsum design) for the two angmoh grandchildren of uncle mike. think they r going to look so cute in chinese clothes! haha

ANYWAY, side track a little.. i just STOMPED this:

first time stomping. lol. pls give your comments and support!!! hehehe

Dad's gonna miss me n mum like crazy lor. there's free wireless at the resort so i'll bug big sis to have dinner with papa every night!!

oh yah and im so jealous of TF NOH now that she has a damn damn cute little puppy! so MELLOW! went to her place ytd with WON(xianwen's new name given by heejung's mum lol). i want to get a puppy too!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yah right. hahaha)

till i blog again!!! =D


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Friday, May 21, 2010
this a little smiley post for HIPPERS...

look on e bright side bff :) enjoyyy ur brisbane yea! hav lots lots FUN n we wish to seee a happy girl when u backkkk... hugs

know u hav beeen working very hard on studies n work... JIAYOU ty! ure not alone we will be by ur side! all e best for ur papers! n we still love u as always <3

hahah glad that ure getting ur dream DOG soon :))) n u seems to be happier w JM now! good for u fren!

as for me...
my slacking leave is on now! acc to my horoscope heee im trying to change to hav a healthy lifestyle :) YESH is soo accuratee cos we jus signed up womens 10k marathon tis coming dec! (n we jus went all e way to queens to get our gears hah)

sweet dreams,

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Sunday, May 9, 2010
im a HAPPY girl!
had a fab 23rd tis year :))
n thou all e celebrations r sort of at my house hahah
is e thoughts tat count!
really appreciate u guys <3<3<3

im so blessed to hav sucha wonderful family n friends w me :)


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Tuesday, April 6, 2010
hello everybody! it's gonna be a really childish post. but i really cannot help it, and im very affected!!! =( for the very few who reads our blog, pls scold my bf when u see him in person if u love me. dont need to paiseh. or if u agree with him den dont scold him.. =(

story goes like this... below are a few conversations we had..

situation #1
on a random weekend, I was wearing my usual cotton on shorts with some top.. OPP walking behind me.
OPP: eh dude! your thighs are getting way to...... becoming like 大姐..
Me: huh really meh... =(
OPP: no la. but time to start exercising dawg.
Me: ok i try..

situation #2
on a weekday after work. i was wearing some dress, abit tight fitting..
OPP: eh dude, you thighs really look biggers den haze's from the back. you should do something about it. and what's with the tummy...
Me: really meh... =(

situation #3
on a weekday evening, i was chatting with OPP on the phone:
Me: eh dude, i love my job! especially the working hours (as of now.)! i feel much more refreshed to do more work after taking an afternoon nap. =)
OPP: that's how people become fat man.. time to start exercising..
Me: huh.. =( haze make spoil both my running shoes.
OPP: go buy new one la..
Me: ......................

situation #4
on a weekday after work. i took a nap from 4pm to 5pm when i got home. OPP called at 5pm.
OPP: eh dude, so where do u wanna go today?
Me: dunno leh. u decide?
OPP: why not we go queensway?
Me: why?
OPP: you should get a pair of running shoes..
OPP: why so big reaction? why so sensitive? I only said u TWICE nia.

wah really super pek cek i tell u all. how he KEEP telling me im fat, my thighs are humongous, my arms are becoming bigger than haze's, i will become big sis's size sooner or later..... I'm not exaggerating, but the no. of time he has 'hinted' me in a very obvious manner is uncountable.

but i really dont know why.. I've permanently lost like 1kg after I fell sick for like almost a month after the bkk trip, then after i started work, i lost another kg so total lost 2kg in like 3months? i really dunno why i'm physically losing weight, but visually looking fatter! (this i must agree with him). definitely nothing's wrong with the digital weighing scale bala bought. i weighed myseld at hj's just last week. really 2kg lesser..


angry/pek cek/upset/disappointed/FAT hipper-p

smile :DD
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